I am a daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, and Christian.  I’m passionate about my faith, the Word of God, kindness, compassion, my family and friends, learning, and growing.

I have lived with invisible illnesses for most of my life: fibromyalsia, chronic clinical depression with pain, I’m prediabetic, and I’ve had breast cancer.  I have lived through two miscarriages, rejections, betrayals, loneliness, and feeling like I must be crazy (I’m not, I had myself checked)!

My wonderful husband, Mondo, served 22 years in the USAF, and is currently a Production Supervisor. He is my perfect counterpart, and I love him like crazy!  I have two daughters, Veronica and Elizabeth. My Vero is married and figuring out this whole adulting/married life thing. My Lizza is on the Autism Spectrum, so I add Special Needs Mom and advocate to my list.

This blog is to encourage others with the comfort I have received from the God of all comfort, to help others find the healing power of laughter, and to give me a place to put the thoughts and experiences down.

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